Amazing Functional Medicine Weight Loss Steps: Step 1

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Use these 5 Step Ground-Breaking ideas from the field of Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine to help you lose those unwanted pounds and attain higher energy throughout your day.


Think Nutrition


Step 1.  Think “NUTRITION” not Dieting. Diets fail not because of your will-power but because there is no way that limiting certain macronutrients like fats, carbs or proteins will not eventually be rebound into serious uncontrollable cravings for the food that you have been limiting.  I myself tried to live on a low carb diet for several months but found myself unhappy without carbs in my life and eventually, the cravings told me that this was not sustainable.  Today, I always think “nutrition” and try to eat foods that I believe would nourish my body including the healthy dose of carbs. (I’m much happier as well.)




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