Bio-Identical Hormones vs Synthetic Hormones

Bio-Identical hormones


Why is there a large controversy between bio-identical hormones and synthetic hormones?

The real issue with bio-identical hormone therapy and synthetic hormones is education.  Bio-identical hormone therapy involves use of testosterone, estrogen and progesterone to help men and women with andropause and menopause.  Bio-identical hormone therapy education is not a part of current medical education.  Doctors have not been taught the use of bio-identical hormones because their education focuses heavily on prescription writing and symptom management.   As such, many doctors are not familiar with the new wave of bio-identical treatments available to help the aging population.  Additionally, because of bad outcomes related to synthetic hormone use many physicians are afraid to offer safe and more effective bio-identical hormone therapy for their patients.  Bio-identical hormone therapy has been used safely in Europe for the past 50 years.

Additionally, drug companies do not support bio-identical hormone therapies because they cannot put a patent on bio-identical hormones.  Without patent protection, the drug companies stand to lose a great deal of money with the dissemination of bio-identical hormones and the benefits that bio-identical hormones can provide.  As we age, the pharmaceutical companies have made billions of dollars providing medications to treat the symptoms of aging.  Bio-identical hormones essentially slow or reverse aging symptoms and so drug companies cannot profit from a young healthy population.

The pharmaceutical companies are not interested in finding cures to illness because that effectively eliminates a large revenue stream.  Bio-identical hormones have literally transformed the lives of so many people by helping them effectively eliminate the need for many medications. Testosterone, an anabolic  hormone, helps support nutrients to enter the cells for energy and it is vital to healthy brain function in both men and women. In the brain, testosterone is involved in the release of serotonin which regulates depression, mood, and feelings of well-being.   Maintaining healthy levels of testosterone support healthy cholesterol levels, correct heart arrhythmias, regulate blood pressure and raise metabolism to help control body weight.

With proper use of bio-identical hormones, men and women have come off anti-depressants, sleeping medications, persistent anti-inflammatory medications used for joint pain, migraine headache medications, and erectile dysfunction medications, and many other medications.   To read a more comprehensive list of the benefits of bio-identical hormone therapy please check out this link.  

Is there a difference in the way our bodies process synthetic hormones vs bio-identical hormones?

Bio-identical hormones are exactly the same as the hormones that your body makes so they bind to your receptors the best. There are less side-effects with bio-identical hormones than with synthetic hormones.  Examples of synthetic hormones include testosterone cypionate and testosterone ethanate which are synthetic forms of testosterone.  We have seen instances of men taking testosterone cypionate and ethanate a synthetic hormone made by drug manufacturers have very high levels of estradiol because the synthetic testosterone does not bind to the testosterone receptor with the same high affinity as bio-identical testosterone and their bodies subsequently convert this synthetic testosterone to estradiol which can lead to depressed mood, feminization physical signs and weight gain. These sorts of side effects are not typically seen with bio-identical testosterone. for more information of male testosterone therapy, check out this link.

In women, synthetic hormones have led to increased risks of thromboembolism (blood clots) and cancer risks. In contrast to that, bio-identical hormones, the same hormones that your body makes, have not shown any of these adverse side effects and women have enjoyed more vitality, energy, libido and sex while on bio-identical hormone therapy. For more information on female testosterone therapy, check out this link.



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