Can you tell me more about your Weight Loss Programs?

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Yes, We offer customized medical weight loss programs.   

Our team has been involved with weight loss for over 15 years.  Our program is the culmination of years of research, work, and based on metabolic science.  It Works!!!
Our goal is to make you live a happy and healthy life through our education, understanding and metabolic fitness.  Exercise is NOT a part of this program.
Metabolic fitness is a concept of training the body to burn fat quickly and efficiently and rely less on sugar and carbohydrates for energy.
The program is comprehensive and participants must demonstrate a willingness to make a commitment to the program at the time of the initial consultation;
The program has exceptional results for those willing to follow the basic principals in the 12-Step Guide which your physician will review with you.
Initially, you will meet with our physician who will complete an education program with you.  The physician will cover several concepts. (ie. understanding protein/energy ratios, optimizing fat burning hormones, suppressing fat storage hormones, overcoming metabolic hysteresis, IF16:8, 3 supplements that support fat oxidation, etc…)  The concepts covered are important to achieving life-long success. Our program is designed to give you the tools to lose the weight and then maintain your weight INDEPENDENTLY.   We do not want clients to become life-long dependents to some meal program, system or medication.

Medical Weight Loss Programs

There are three programs that are 90 days in duration.
You must be able to come into the office weekly for accountability weight checks and Lipotrophic-B12 injections.
Program prices vary depending on the medication chosen and length of program chosen.
Included in the programs are the following:
1.   12-STEP Bio-Functional MED Weight Loss Program Guide
2.   Bio-Functional MED Cooking Guide – Paleo
3.   Bio-Functional MED Weight Loss Summary Guide
4.   Bio-Functional MED Intermittent Fasting Program Guide
5.   Bio-Functional MED Supplement Order Guide
6.   Bio-Functional MED Digital App
7.   Weekly Lipotrophic-B12 Injections for Energy and Liver Fat Clearance
8.   Weekly Health Coaching
9.   Weekly Accountability Weight Checks
10. Full Body Bio-Metric Body Composition Scan
11. Complementary Vevazz LED-Laser Lipo Treatments (valued $350/each) (for stubborn mid-section fat)
12. Appetite Suppressive Medication (Included in the program)
The first step is to come in for a metabolic fitness education session/consultation with our physician.

We hope you are ready to make the positive steps necessary to make your health your number one priority!!!  Call or Contact us today!

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