What is a bio-identical doctor?

A Bio-Identical Hormone replacement physician is doctor who has completed additional training in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.  Our physicians have completed additional training in functional medicine and have advanced training in managing issues with cortisol and thyroid hormone in addition to sex hormones.   The scope of functional medicine is broad.  Our practice is mainly concerned with optimizing hormones.

Is Bio-Functional Med in network with insurance carriers?

Bio-Functional MED is set up as a self-pay private practice, we are not in network with any insurance companies.  Bio-Identical Hormone therapy and Wellness treatments are not considered essential services by Insurance companies and as such are not covered. Bio-Functional MED is not in network with any insurance companies.  Because of the large volume of patients that we manage, we are able to offer our services at much more discounted rate than other facilities.  We are able to pass cost savings on labs and treatments to our clients.   Additionally, our cash based self-pay model of practice allows us to spend more time with our clients and this is both satisfying for our clients and providers.  On your initial consultation with our providers, please plan to reserve 2 hours for your assessment and physical exam.

Do you provide codes that I can use to file with insurance?

Bio-Functional Med is a wellness and functional medicine practice. As such, we are not treating disease.   The focus of our program is restoring hormones to optimal levels. Therefore our practice does not accept or participate in insurance programs. We consider Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy an elective. We optimize hormone levels based on exact lab results and do not treat actual illness or disease. We do not accept assignments or participate in insurance plans.  In keeping with a free enterprise philosophy, our policy regarding insurance has always been that we choose to work directly with our patients rather than through an insurance company.  Our clients must sign an agreement not to seek reimbursement from medical care received at our office.  We are not able to furnish information or answer questions for insurance companies.  In keeping with our philosophy, patients are afforded the luxury of treatment without the interference of insurance companies. Our focus is the premier care we provide.

Can you order my labs so that I can get them with my insurance company at Lab Corp or Quest Lab?

Bio-Functional Med is a Wellness and Functional Medicine practice.  As such, we are not treating disease.  Insurance companies do not cover wellness or functional medicine labs or office visits.  We will not be able to provide you with orders to get your labs within your insurance company network.   The wellness codes that we use will not be covered by your  insurance company.  You can get labs ordered from your primary care provider.  They are better able to get the necessary authorizations.

What sort of testing do you do?

We are able to draw labs at our facilities.  Results are typically returned within 48hours. We utilize a variety of tests to address the complaints of our clients. In some instances blood testing is not sufficient and we have to order urine or saliva testing.  If you have some labs from your primary care provider, we may be able to use some of these labs depending on how old the labs are. We utilize a specialty hormone lab to do much of our testing. As such, the labs that we get are very reliable.  We have seen very unusual hormone results from outside labs who do not focus on hormone labs.  Because of this, your provider may need to repeat some labs or get additional labs.

What is included in the initial consultation fee?

Hormone optimization is a complex process.  You will be asked to complete a detailed medical history and symptom checklist.  Your initial provider meeting may require a long consultation to review your medical and surgical history, your medications, your symptoms and determine which labs are needed.  The provider will also discuss risks and benefits of treatment.  There are different treatment routes to review and ensure that your treatment goals can be met.  The consultation fee is required up front and must be paid in full.    Our providers have more than 10 years experience evaluating and maximizing hormone optimization.  Our providers have undergone extensive training in hormone management and our providers are required to complete additional continuing education coursework on the latest treatments.  The provider will then make recommendations and discuss further testing requirements if needed.  We cannot order testing prior to the consultation.

What will happen if I stop hormone therapy?

In general, the body tends to restore hormones to pre-treatment levels after cessation of treatment. If your own hormone production was low before treatment, it will most likely return to the same levels after treatment.

When should I start to consider BHRT – Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy?

Menopause is defined as a single day–12 months after your last period. The majority of women experience their most severe symptoms in the months to years leading up to this milestone. The BFM approach is to medically treat symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mental fogginess, and bone loss as soon as they appear.  Our approach is to keep the transition smooth from normal cycling through menopause.  Andropause symptoms can begin to manifest in men before 40 years old.   Today, we are seeing men with chronically low testosterone levels. This can lead to a variety of symptoms including low energy, poor exercise tolerance, low libido or cognitive fog.  Men should be evaluated if they are experiencing significant symptoms of andropause.

Can you tell me more about your weight loss program?

We offer a very comprehensive weight loss program.  Our programs are 90 days long and include physician monitoring and consultation, Biometric Body Scanning, Weekly B12-Lipo injections, Medications (Phentermine, HCG, or Topamax), Weekly Weight checks, Weekly Health Coaching.  The initial consultation is an education session.  We do not offer medications without participation in the program.









Fees and Pricing

Initial Hormone Consultation: 

Males: Special until end of the Month $99 (reg $150)    Females: Special until end of the Month $99 (reg $250)   Follow-up Visits: $75

Hormone Treatments and Management (Bio-Identical Sex Hormones, Thyroid Dysfunction, Cortisol):

Individual Hormone Pellet/injection Treatments: $518-$697**

Hormonal Therapy Yearly Packages: 10% off Individual Pellet prices if pay for the year (pellets/injectables included)**

Hormone Cream Management: $900/year ( Creams NOT included) ($75/month)**

Medical Weight Loss Consultation and Education Session:

Males/Females: $150

Medical Weight Loss Programs:

$650 – $850 – 90 days in Duration


Baseline Full panel Labs (blood): $298

Follow-up Labs Hormones (blood): $115

Optional Functional lab testing varies (Urine, Saline): $550-950

**All prices are subject to change based on availability and pellet and material price fluxuations.