BioFunctional MED is set up as a self-pay private practice.  Bio-Identical Hormone therapy and Wellness treatments are not considered essential services by Insurance companies and as such are not covered. BioFunctional MED is not in network with any insurance companies.  Because of the large volume of patients that we manage, we are able to offer our services at much more discounted rate than other facilities.  We are able to pass cost savings on labs and treatments to our clients.   Additionally, our cash based self-pay model of practice allows us to spend more time with our clients and this is both satisfying for our clients and providers.  On your initial consultation with our providers, please plan to reserve 2 hours for your assessment and physical exam.

Fees and Pricing

Initial Hormone Consultation: 

Males $150    Females $250

Follow-up Visits:



Baseline Full panel Labs: $289

Follow-up Labs Hormones: $89

Optional Functional lab testing varies: $550-950

Hormone Treatments:

Individual Hormone Treatments: $497-$697

Hormonal Therapy Yearly Packages:

Vary depending on level and deficits