I lost 47 lbs.

“I always struggled with weight issues. This time, I found a solution that I can rely on even when I am not in the program. The program is based on real science.  It is not complicated.  They took the time to really educate me about my weight issues. I followed the program and the weight started to come off.  After 90 days, I am amazed. The weekly accountability and weight checks helped me stay dedicated and determined. I have bad knees, so I could not add exercise to my program; otherwise, I would have lost even more weight. They taught me about metabolic exercise and teach my body to be better at burning fat. Now, I have the skills necessary to keep the weight off. I am so happy that I took the time to come in and get the consultation. It has helped turn my life around. I have more energy and I feel great.  I have recommended the program to my friends and family.”

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