Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine focuses on the use of the body’s own healing power to correct injuries and decrease inflammation which is at the heart of many conditions.

Regenerative Medicine utilizes cellular factors such as Growth Factors, Cytokines, Exosomes and Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) to control inflammation in the body and accelerate healing and regeneration. The safety and efficacy of MSCs have been shown in countless research studies.  Mesenchymal Stem Cells have also been called Medicinal Signalling Cells because of the powerful capacity of these cells to “turn on” cellular regenerative processes in the body.  Patient’s have reported remarkable results with Regenerative therapies and many have been able to postpone or avoid surgery all together. 



Regenerative Cellular Therapies have been used to treat a variety of conditions.

Knee Pain: Osteoarthritis of the Knee and Cartilage Tears

Shoulder Pain: Shoulder Arthritis and Rotator Cuff Tears

Hip Pain: Hip Arthritis and Osteonecrosis, Hip Labral Pathology

Nerve Pain: Peripheral Neuropathy

Back Pain: Disc Degeneration Facet Arthropathy and Myofascial Pain