Super D Wave Painfree Non-invasive ED Treatment

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A New Revolutionary Era has begun to help you regain your confidence and boost your vitality. New Super D Wave Therapy has proven efficacy in helping men achieve stronger and bigger erections.  ED can be a hallmark of underlying pathology like heart disease or early signs of peripheral vascular disease. Obesity, diabetes, prostate cancer surgery, nerve injury and drug side-effects can all cause or exacerbate erectile dysfunction.  New Super D Wave technology using low intensity extracorporeal shock wave technology has shown strong clinical efficacy in treating ED symptoms in randomized clinical trials.


Benefits of  Therapy

Non-invasive – Surgery Free

Pain Free

Medication Free

Enhances Erectile Firmness

Increases Sensation of the Penis

Elevates Orgasms

Improves Spontaneous Erections

Boost Sexual Performance

Lessens Refractory Period

Enhances Efficacy of ED Meds 

Improves Girth



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