Durham -YK

My previous ED clinic felt a lot like I was buying a used car. They pressured me into packages and then disappeared in the night. I was left with no alternatives. I am so happy that a friend recommended your office to me. Your staff are friendly and professional. I never felt any pressure. the doctor made me feel completely at ease. I decided to add testosterone pellet therapy to my regimen. I have never felt so young. I feel like I am in my 02’s or 30’s again. It’s amazing to have this kind of energy again for a 60 year old guy. I can workout again and I feel like I can workout 2 times per day. It’s amazing what lifting weights can do to boost your sex life again. I owe it all to you. I plan on sending you all my friends and family.  Thanks for all the education and taking the time to answer all my questions.   keep up the good work.