PRP Sexual Enhancement

raleigh prp sexual enhancementPRP is platelet rich plasma. PRP is separated from blood using a centrifuge. The PRP fractionate contains several growth factors which help promote the growth of tissues and cells in the injected area. PRP can be injected in the penis of men and the clitoris of women to enhance the sexual experience. Women who receive the PRP-shot report significant improvement in incontinence, sensitivity, arousal and orgasm intensity.  Men who receive the PRP-Shot report improvement in sexual function, erection quality, skin texture, sensitivity and Peyronie’s Disorder.  PRP is safe and effective. PRP uses your own blood so there is no risk of rejection.

PRP shot sexual enhancementPRP can also be used to repair tissues after injury. PRP is utilized by several professional athletes to rejuvenate joints in the off season.